all you need to know


I'm new. What do I do?

We'd love to welcome you in person! Let us know you're coming. RSVP and we'll greet you in style. 


What should I expect?

Easter weekend is one of the few times a year when people around the world (Christians and non-Christians alike) pause and take time to consider Jesus and what they believe about Him — who He was or wasn’t, what He did or didn’t do, the life He lived, His death, His resurrection and all that happened after…

For us, that means we celebrate. A lot. And on this day we want to bring honest and passionate worship to God here in Salem. The highlight of the Spring, it is a time to rejoice, revive, and rest.  

It is a time of community, when we worship, serve, eat, and laugh together.  


What should I wear?

There is no dress-code at Highrock and most people dress casually. You'll see some in jeans and a t-shirt and others in slacks and a button up or a skirt and blouse. Some people will get jazzed up in their Easter finest, and others won't. 


Where should I park?

You can park in any legal space along any of the side streets (e.g., Gardner Street). There is also a small parking lot in the back on Salem Street. You can find a map here.


Is there children's ministry offered?

Yes! We have a special program for ages 3 - 6 that will begin after the opening song, and a nursery for ages 0-2 for the entire service.

Kidsrock ministry will be in the Media Center. 


Look for the balloons and flowers and people on the Auditorium side of the school (on the left when facing away from Lafayette). When you enter through the doors of this beautiful reclaimed theatre, you will be greeted by our team and handed a program. Right in through the door on your right will be tables with someone to answer any questions you might have. 

Kidsrock ministry: We have a special program for ages 3-7 that will begin after the opening music, and nursery for ages 0-2 for the entire service. Kidsrock ministry will be in the Media Center. 

As you enter the theatre you will see a sign-in area to the right that says KIDSROCK. It’s here were you can check in all your children who will be participating in nursery and/or our kids program. Your nursery age children will be directed to proceed to our nursery area while your older kids will head into the main theatre with you for the beginning of the service (we will direct kids ages 3-7 to line up and head out after the scripture reading). 

To get to the media center, follow the brightly colored arrows taped to the floor. 


We understand that coming to a new place can be intimidating. Please know that whether you’re a follower of Jesus, someone who is searching, “spiritual but not religious,” a regular church attendee, or someone who has gotten fed up with the abuses of religion, you are welcome here. Highrock is full of people who are all over the map.

We believe church should be an open, challenging, and safe place for you to serve, be still, ask questions, wrestle with the person of Jesus, and be honest.